maxguard 500 Security Rated Certified Door

Certified Security Door

High security doors to protect your building

Complete range of certified doors; includes SR1, SR2, SR3 & SR4

Maxguard 500 range of high-security doors are tested and certified to industry bodies and standards that are recognised by insurance companies.

Testing is carried out using various forms of unauthorised entry. For example, level 1 will allow the use of body force and light implements, level 3 will allow all the implements of level one plus many more tools such as crowbars and hammers of a certain weight.

When assessing what level of security is required, our non-certified Maxdor range provides basic levels of security, which can be improved upon by combining different variations of quality hardware and basic door upgrades. However, if certification is required you will require our Maxguard 500 range.

The Maxguard certified security doors are fully configurable with different sizes, hardware options and colours available

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